Wednesday July 11, 2018

EU Threats?

European Union council threatens POTUS over relationships Click Here for Story

No Charge, No Conviction — But 956 People Still Lose Stuff To Cops

 In Michigan last year, 956 people who were never charged with or convicted of a crime nevertheless lost property to law enforcement and other agencies, based on suspicions that the property may have been connected to an alleged crime. … more

Michigan’s Water Crisis

PFAS contamination Click Here for Story

How Business Subsidies Cut to the Front of the Line for Michigan Tax Dollars

 State politicians finalized the budget for next year, pledging to spend $57 billion, of which $23 billion comes from the federal government. Businesses that made special deals with the state, however, get favored treatment.  … more


Boston City Council considers measure to let noncitizens voteBoston city council mulls letting non-citizens vote? Click Here for Story

Ranchers Pardoned

POTUS pardons ranchers who protested Click Here for Details and Video

Left Getting More Violent

 TV host moves show away from SCOTUS site due to threats Click Here for Story

Democrat Obstructionists

 Senator Schumer sets stage to fight SCOTUS pick over politics Click Here for Details

Hollywood Tizzy

Leftist liberal Hollywood goes nuts over SCOTUS pick Click Here for Story

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