Wednesday July 16, 2014

Support Growth In Northfield Twp.

Go to the joint Board and Planning Commission in Northfield Township tonight at 7 pm at the public safety builindg Main St call 734-449-2880 for info

Smash and Grab Suspects Arrested

Brighton jewelry robbers now under lock and key Click Here for Details

Michigan 8th Congressional District GOP Primary Getting Feisty

Former Sen. Mike Bishop vs. State Rep. Tom McMillin

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

When it comes to major federal issues such as health care, energy plans and the role the government should have in banking and housing, Republicans Tom McMillin and Mike Bishop have very similar views. … more

What Do Teachers Want to Support?

RTW allows them to skip union’s political bent

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The NEA passed resolutions taking an “anti-fracking” position and encouraging members to boycott the office-supply store Staples, because the U.S. Postal Service has contracted out non-unionized work to them. … more

Sleight of Hand

   Obama says illegals will be sent back but his actions say otherwise Click Here for Details

More Evidence of Terrorists CrossingFrom Mexico?

  Urdu to English dictionary found north of illegal border crossing area Click Here for Story

A Wonderful Religion?

Image via   ISIS flog Iraquis who don’t follow rules Click Here for Details

Endless immigration

Rio Grande Valley being invaded Click Here for Story

Israel Not To Blame

  Hamas rejects cease fire promoted by Egypt and continues violence Click Here for Details

Bad Education

   New critical thinking class leads to holocaust deniers? Click Here for Story

Crazy Talk

   White House Spokesperson is delusional as he says Obama policies are making the world more tranquil? Click Here for Details

Obama Threatening Country with Policies

  Immgration disaster will be a dangerous for the US Click Here for Story

Promoting Desertion?

   Bowe Bergdahl could get $350,000 in back pay after deserting Click Here for Details

Laughable: Another Hard Drive Crashes

   More hiding of facts and obstruction of justice by Feds Click Here for Story


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