Wednesday July 25, 2018

Disgraceful Dems

Senate Democrats are refusing to meet with SCOTUS nominee Click Here for Story

Funding Up, But Detroit School Official Claims ‘Budget Cuts’ Stole Recess

Detroit schools getting $212 more per student this year, after $617 million taxpayer bailout in 2016

Michigan Governor Race

MI-Gov: Poll shows Democrat Gretchen Whitmer leading GOP candidate Bill SchuetteDems leading in polling in Michigan Click Here for Story

Helping Farmers

Trump Admin weighs helping US famers hurt by tariffs Click Here for Details

California Failure

Electric grid could fail under summer’s heat Click Here for Story

Do It

  Trump Admin looks at revoking security clearances for previous appointees Click Here for Details and Video

The Reason for Revocation

Crazed extremists should NOT have security clearance Click Here for Story


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