Wednesday June 15, 2016

Shooter’s Wife Knew

Tells authorities she knew he was going to do it but did nothing to report Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Doesn’t Get It

Image result for obama clueless Won’t say Radical Islam but says saying it doesn’t make it go away? Click Here for Details and Video

Gamrat Case Tossed Courser Heads to Trial

Image result for courser gamrat affair  Romantic legislators paths are diverging Click Here for Story

County Takes Michigan Woman’s Property Over $7 Late Fee

  A vacant lot owned by a Jackson woman was foreclosed by Hillsdale County because she failed to pay a $7 late fee on her property taxes. … more

Shooter Did NOT use an AR-15 and anti-gunners wrong again Click Here for Details

Detroit’s Economic Fortunes Won’t Get a Kick Out of Subsidizing a New Soccer Stadium

  A Detroit soccer stadium will be closed for 348 days of the year, or 95 percent of the time. Little economic stimulus can be expected from a facility that sits idle that often.  … more

Obama and Hillary Side with Terrorists

Still blaming guns instead of terrorist Click Here for Details

France Hit by Terror

Terrorist kills couple in France Click Here for Story

Hillary Tied to Father of Orlando Shooter?

hc  Father visited Hillary Clinton’s office Click Here for Story

German Bonds Drop

Negative return for the first time ever Click Here for Details and Video

  Will Russia Release Hillary Emails?

Hillary Clinton

Russia allegedly has intercepted emails from Hillary’s private server Click Here for Details

Let the Good Guys Carry

Stacey Dash says more legal carry could stop bad guys and terrorists Click Here for Story and Video

Hillary is Compromised?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Huma Abedin Her chief aid Huma Abedin is oddly connected to Saudi intelligence? Click Here for Details

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