Wednesday June 21, 2017

Handel Wins

Nail biter in Georgia’s 6th district race ? NOPE Click Here for Updates

Democrat Handout?

Members of the New York legislature are starting to put pressure on the governor to abandon his plan. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) New York’s Cuomo renewable energy plan is just corporate cronyism? Click Here for Story

Part Time Legislators in Michigan?

Also talk about term limit reform Click Here for Details

Done: With School Pension Reform, State’s Big Pension Liabilities Contained

  Anthony Randazzo, who directs economic research at the Reason Foundation, called the legislation one of the most innovative pension reforms in the country. … more

 Piers vs Tommy

News anchor goes off on Tommy Robinson Click Here for Details

New Estimates on Illegal Votes

Non citizen voting is much larger than thought Click Here for Story and Video

Russia Provoking US

Fighter buzzes US recon plane Click Here for Details and Video

New Strength from Iran

  Missile strikes against ISIS in Syria shows Iranian missile program is growing Click Here for Story

A Message to Never Trumpers

David Horowitz has some words for the never Trump crowd Click Here for Details

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