Wednesday June 26, 2013

Even Management Has Its Own Union?

Ann Arbor school principals union agrees to paycut Click Here for Details

Brighton Schools Staff Take Paycut

Support staff and administrators agree to paycut Click Here for Story

Stopping Medicaid Expansion In Its Tracks

Amendment makes bill match proponents’ claims

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

One simple amendment would make the bill actually live up to its proponents’ claims: The expansion may not proceed until after the federal Department of Health and Human Services has approved a waiver allowing the reforms specified in the bill. … more

State and Federal Regulations Burying Businesses

Michigan trying to cut back on some red tape

By Tom Gantert Coourtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan had 18,012 administrative rules that businesses had to follow in 2012. Reducing regulations was a key goal of Gov. Rick Snyder and he created the Office of Regulatory Invention to reduce the state’s red-tape. The office trimmed state administrative rules by 1,218, down from 19,230. … more

Your IRS …Your Money

You won’t believe what IRS employees were spending money on Click Here for Details

N-Word Jim’s Revenge

by Michael Goodell

I’ll never forget my disappointment upon learning that N-Word Jim wasn’t one of Mark Twain’s most introspective characters, but merely literary sanitization, a bid to rid his work of the most shocking, offensive word ever to be uttered, written, or spray-painted on Southern Baptist Churches.

The N-word possesses astounding power. It can cause women to weep, men to rage, and rap artists to rake in millions before being murdered in a… Click Here for More

Money Isn’t the Answer

US spends more money than other countries on education but gets way worse results Click Here for Story

Fluffy in Chief

White House demands Snowden from Russia but Putin says no Click Here for Details

Not Going Home

Afghan Diplomats defecting rather than return to Afghanistan after US withdrawal Click Here for Story

Scammer in Chief

Obama goes back to Carbon Caps and global warming Click Here for Details

…And Al Gore Loves It

Gore stands to make billions off the global warming scam Click Here for Story

Blogger’s Watch Out, Your 1st Amendment Rights are On the Line?

Court will hear case against a blogger Click Here for Details

Senators Voting Yes for a Bill They Don’t Know About

Here’s 5 Senators who are foolish enough to vote on something they’re not sure about Click Here for Story

Hillary Merchandising

Here it comes fundraising for her 2016 run Click Here for Details

Obama’s Excuse

Will his new global warming plan stop Keystone? Click Here for Story


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