Wednesday June 26, 2019 The Daily Drift

Google Election Tampering

Google caught readying an attempt to influence the 2020 election Click Here for Details

Has the Authority

Trump Admin says it has the authority to strike Iran without Congressional authority Click Here for Story

Union Negotiates Pay Cap, Highlights Capped Teacher’s Complaints

Imposing assembly line pay systems on skilled professionals has its pricels

Wait Till This is Seen

Trey Gowdy says this information changed his perspective on Mueller Probe Click Here for Details

POTUS Interview

Read the full interview with the President Click Here for Details

New in the Smollett Case

Evidence and video released Click Here for Story

UN on the Wrong Side Again

 Wants to give ISIS fighters rights to return home Click Here for Story

Mexico Sends Troops to the US Border

15,000 dispatched to stop illegal immigration? Click Here for Story

Islamic Attack Stopped

Radical Muslim planned attack on Black Christian church Click Here for Details

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