Wednesday June 5, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Subpoena for Mueller?

Will Democrats subpoena Robert Mueller? Click Here for Details

Record High?

Great Lakes at record high water levels Click Here for Story

Cost Of Teacher Raise Wanted By Detroit Superintendent: $81.2M Annually

But district already at risk of overspending its revenue

Its The Sun Stupid

This recent Nasa image shows the face of the sun looking blanker than usual Sun hitting a solar minimum Click Here for Details

The Cost of Road Building is Spiking, and That’s a Problem

MDOT chief says system can handle it

Out of Touch and Extreme

Mayor Pete is not a unifier Click Here for Story

New King of Climate Scam

Biden unveils $5 Trillion dollar climate plan Click Here for Details

Fake News Losing Popularity

CNN ratings are tanking Click Here for Story

Empty Theatrics: Democrats Are Really Reaching

 Asking John Dean to Testify in Impeachment? Click Here for Details


Christopher SteeleUS will question Christopher Steele on his Dossier? Click Here for Story


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