Wednesday March 20, 2019


Court sides with Trump Admin on illegals Click Here for Details

Whitmer Pushes for Higher Gas Tax

She wants your 45 cents extra for gas Click Here for Story

How Michigan Can Fix The Roads Without Tax Hikes

Redirect revenue growth and corporate subsidies to roads, eliminate optional grants and more

The Left is Lying on Gun Issue

AR-15s are NOT military weapons Click Here for Details

Dems Want to Change What they Can’t Win

Like the Electoral College issue Dems want to now change the Supreme Court Click Here for Story

 NOT All in the Family

Kelly Anne Conway’s husband continues his war with the President Click Here for Details

How to Buy Votes

  Elizabeth Warren joins other Dems spewing reparations talk Click Here for Story

Well Well Well

ADL says extremists killings are down under the Trump Admin Click Here for Details

Yep Its There

ar-15 facts, Muslim terrorists indicted in Mexico Click Here for Story

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