Wednesday March 25, 2015

Local ISIS Supporter?

DFP_Ahmad_Jebril_ISI_1_1_D5A9NEI8_L583474795.JPG Dearborn Islamic Cleric ordered to show finances Click Here for Story

State Superintendent Puts Failing Schools Ahead of Students’ Choice

   By TOM GANTERT | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A national study recently released said Detroit charter schools could serve as a model for other communities. Yet, the State Superintendent wants to stop more charter schools so some failing districts won’t lose more students. … more

Weak Membership Growth Shows Need for New Union

   By F. VINCENT VERNUCCIO | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Why have unions been in decline and why are they not growing along with the rest of the economy? It may be because they are no longer offering services in a model that workers want. … more

Weak Obama

Iran nuke deadline passes? Another Obama redline? Click Here for Story

Cruz Addresses 1st Concerns

Image result for ted cruz    Instant criticism from the Left AND the Right? Click Here for Details

Let Them Eat Bacon

By MichaelGoodell

Finding myself driving across town last Saturday morning, I decided to tune in to the local NPR station. It’s been awhile, but it’s nice to keep my hand in from time to time. “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (WWDTM)” happened to be on. I haven’t listened to that show since the host opened an episode with a vile, offensive screed against …  Click Here for More

Combating Net Neutrality

GOP could stop FCC’s Net regulations? Click Here for Story

German Wings Air Crash in France

Image result for german wings aircrash  Same area as a 1953  crash Click Here for Details

Ouch! Menendez Might Hold Key Vote on Obama Appointee

Image result for senator menendez   Can AG nominee Lynch be held up by Democratic  Senator being persecuted by Obama Click Here for Story

Necessarily Skyrocketing

Electricity Price Index-FebruaryElectricity hits another record high Click Here for Details

How Un-Presidential

Image result for obama and netanyahu  Obama further destroys Israeli US relationship Click Here for Story amd Video

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