Wednesday March 26, 2014

Livingston Jail Could Take Federal Inmates?

Fed Contracts could help with costs Click Here for Details

 Mackinac Center on Fox Business: Hollywood Exodus

Federal Contracts Abuse Taxpayers

Federal dollars mean outrageous salaries Click Here for Story

Senate Dems Drop IMF Reforms

Ukraine bill won’t deal with controversial IMF reforms Click Here for Story

Please Do

Steny Hoyer tells Democrats to embrace a failing Obamacare Click Here for Details

More Racial Violence

Police said they are looking for a group of seven to 10 girls (pictured) who are wanted for at least two separate attacks near Temple University on Friday.  Where is Eric Holder now? Click Here for Story

Overwhelming Majority Favor Voter ID

Proof of citizenship approved by large number of Americans Click Here for Video

Time to Cut Afghanistan Loose?

rumsfeld  Karzai decision is another insult to the US Click Here for Details

And Obama Will Let These People Have a Nuke?

Iranians chant death to America Click Here for Details


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