Wednesday March 29, 2017

Democrats Helping to Hide Intel Info

GOP: Dems blocking FBI, NSA testimony Won’t sign letter inviting FBI and NSA Directors to testify Click Here for Story

Ford Investing More in Michigan

More great news for Michigan autoworkers Click Here for Details

Sweeping Criminal Justice Reforms For Michigan

 It seemed everyone was ready to tackle criminal justice reforms after the Council of State Governments released its study of Michigan in 2013. … more

Money For Nothing: Best Teachers’ Pay Stagnates While ‘Ineffectives’ Get Raise

  While school administrators and teachers unions complain that teachers are underpaid, their actions across the state have led often to situations in which a district’s most highly effective teachers face reduced or stagnant wages. … more

The Simplest Obamacare Repeal

A single sentence bill would be the best solution to Obamacare? Click Here for Story

Senate GOP Says HOLD the Wall Funding?

Some GOP Senators are siding with Democrats Click Here for Details and Video

The Real Russian Connection is with Dems

Podesta Broke the Law by not disclosing Russian investments? Click Here for Story

Arrest Sanctuary Leaders

hodgson Massachusetts Sheriff: Arrest Leaders Of Sanctuary Cities Sheriff says leaders of sanctuary cities should be arrested for breaking the law Click Here for Details

What Are They Scared Of?

DNC Chair asks for resignations of all DNC Staffers Click Here for Story and Video

Yank Their Funding

  UN Human rights adviser threatens President Trump? Click Here for Details


 Brexit moves forward Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Tsunami on Mars? Click Here for Story

Democrat Obstructionists

  New DNC Chair vows to not work with Trump except on Socialized Medicine which will further ruin our healthcare system Click Here for Details

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