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Unethical Judge

Judge Emmet Sullivan shows complete hypocrisy in Flynn case Click Here for Story

UnMasking the Unmaskers

President Barack Obama confers with Samantha Power, left, Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs, and Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, before they attended a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial for United Nations staff killed in Iraq at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, N.Y., on …DNI Grinell exposing the Obama Admin criminals? Click Here for Details

Fighting The Tyrants

Democrat Governors have become domestic enemies? Click Here for Story

Winning Against Whitmer

Karl Manke, 77, walks out of his shop to speak at a press conference on Monday, May 11, 2020 in front of Karl Manke's Barber & Beauty Shop in Owosso. (Sarahbeth Maney | Judge sides with Barbershop against Whitmer and Nessel Click Here for Details

Whitmer’s Executive Orders Lead to Many Questions

Over 875 items on FAQ page

How Guilty is Obama?

Did he orchestrate a coup? Click Here for Story

State: Many Rural Hospitals ‘At Capacity’, Hospitals Report Otherwise

Read more

Covid Vaccine Update

What you need to know Click Here for Story

HR 6666 Devil Supporting Democrats?

As anti-American legislation as you can get Click Here for Details

What’s Happening in Brazil

Possible military takeover? Click Here for Story and Video

Democrats Using Pandemic for Politics

Slowing down reopening to keep economy down Click Here for Story

No Longer an Epidemic?

UK researchers say Covid19 is no longer a pandemic? Click Here for Details

Leaving Cali?

Elon Musk threatens to take Tesla out of California Click Here for Story

The Hypocrisy of Democrat Policies

Ticketing older folks for being outside while letting sex offenders free Click Here for Details

Haunting Past

Mexico now asking about Obama Fast and Furious scandal Click Here for Story

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