Wednesday May 15, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Common Ground?

Chuck Schumer backs POTUS on China tariffs Click Here for Details

Dems Cite U-M Report To Knock Similar GOP Auto Insurance Reform

Legislature’s reform bills contain key medical cost, coverage cap features recommended by U-M unit

Better Pension Assumptions Protect Taxpayers

Pension bills would take government retirement funds seriously

Don Jr. Agrees

he will testify for the Senate Click Here for Details

Investigating the Investigators

John Durham will investigate those who started the collusion hoax Click Here for Story

Dem Party Split

AOC sides with Bernie over Biden Click Here for Details

Lying Rashida

Changing history and facts is becoming Rep. Tlaib’s strongpoint? Click Here for Story

Biden Goes Extreme

Former VP goes for the far left of his party? Click Here for Details


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