Wednesday May 16, 2018

What Is Mueller Doing

How much longer must we pay for an arbitrary investigation with no clear parameters ?Click Here for Details

Detroit Homes With Willing Buyers Get More, But Overall Assessments Plummeted

 The median sale price of residential property in Detroit has almost tripled over the past eight years, the tax assessed value of that median-priced property has decreased by more than half during that time. … more

Bluff or Normal Noko?

North Korea threatens to pull out of summit because of military exercises Click Here for Story

Token Symbols of Growth Damage the State Economy

 When it comes to creating jobs, lawmakers find themselves in a dilemma. … more

Bullied No More?

Russian company pushes back on Mueller’s made up crimes Click Here for Details

Get to Work

Trump Admin to push Senate to change rules to get things accomplished Click Here for Story

Well Done

The anti-Soros rhetoric is far from being limited to just HungaryHungary gets Soros out? Click Here for Details

Angry Opportunist?

Filmaker and America hater Spike Lee uses film fest to berate the USA Click Here for Story

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