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Investigation of Obama Admin

Looks like the Senate will finally start looking at abuses Click Here for Story

House Arrest

Michigan Sheriff says Governor Whitmer orders are like House Arrest for millions of Michiganders Click Here for Story

If You Get It The State Will Ask For Everyone You Contacted

Official says individual coronavirus contact tracing will be voluntary

Why Are They So Against Hydroxy Chloroquine?

Drug is proven safe yet media and left are completely against trying it Click Here for Story

The Renewable Fuels Standard Is Bad Energy Policy

Mackinac Center signs onto two coalition letters

Pushing the Lockdowns

Media is trying to keep America on failure mode Click Here for Details

43 States Imposed Lockdowns; 24 Have Expired Or Been Repealed

Michigan looking like an outlier

Did They Get to Him?

Or is Alan Dershowitz just off his rocker on vaccination? Click Here for Story

Pathetic Partisan

Senator Sherrod Brown goes over board in his partisan attack on the Administration Click Here for Story

Italians Agree with Trump

Urging others to not fund the WHO because of ties to China Click Here for Details


What the Obama Admin did is getting clearer by the day Click Here for Story

Bad News for Macron

Loss of absolute majority for Emmanuel Macron in France Click Here for Details and Video

Not To Be Trusted

Senator Rand Paul slams bill giving FBI more power to investigate you without a warrant Click Here for Details

Rubio Gets Picked

Senator Rubio gets picked as interim chair of Senate Intel Committee Click Here for Story

Soros Upping his Ante

More meddling on the way by George Soros Click Here for Details

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