Wednesday May 23, 2018

2nd Special Counsel Needed

DOJ cannot investigate themselves Click Here for Story

Sorry Mr. Conyers

John Conyers son ineligible to run for his former Congressional seat Click Here for Details

Sen. Patrick Colbeck Talks State Government

  Michigan Capitol Confidential kicks off its interviews with gubernatorial candidates starting with Patrick Colbeck. The interview was conducted Feb. 28. … more


Michigan’s Convoluted Electricity System Leads to Strife and Strain

   Michigan businesses need affordable, reliable electricity to operate. But in our noncompetitive electricity system, almost all are forced to accept monopoly utility services.  … more

All the Way to the Top

FBI spying scandal has to involve Obama? Click Here for Story

Phony Probe

Where is the indictment for hacking in the Mueller probe? Click Here for Story

Trump Admin Meets with FBI

Is a plan in place for getting documents to Congress? Click Here for Details

Ramadan Rampage

Recent attacks have made Kabul the deadliest place in Afghanistan for civilians for months41 already killed in Islamic holiday Click Here for Story

Think About it…

  Obamagate Spy scandal may be the worst in American history Click Here for Details


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