Wednesday May 24, 2017

Terror Threat Critical

This is the first picture of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi  Britain goes critical for threat levels Click Here for Story

Brennan Can’t Be Trusted

Former CIA Director is not worthy of the people’s trust nor is his testimony Click Here for Story and Video

School District Spent $275,000 in Public Dollars on Tax Hike Vote

 The Kent Intermediate School District spent $275,206 on its May 2 enhancement millage victory, according to documents obtained in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. … more

Seth Assassinated? says Seth Rich was the DNC leaker Click Here for Story

School Funding in Michigan Reaches All-Time High

  It’s time to put to rest the myth that Michigan schools are starving for lack of funds and have serious policy conversations about how to use current dollars more effectively. … more

Liberals vs Conservatives

The real differences Click Here for Details and Audio

Death Toll Grows in Manchester Terror Attack

22 now dead Click Here for Story

Is England Lost?

Bomber was known but authorities did nothing ? Click Here for Details

Martial Law in the Philippines?

Duterte declares martial law in southern Philippines Click Here for Story

Culture Shock?

 England’s Christians population drops huge in 10 years time Click Here for Details

Calling Abbas Out

trumpTrump says there cannot be peace when violence is rewarded Click Here for Story

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