Wednesday May 29, 2013

Judge Gets Jail Time

Former Judge Hathaway gets year in prison Click Here for Story

Former Congressman Schauer Running for Governor

After Supporting ObamaCare and losing his Congressional seat Mark Schauer wants to be your Governor and bring more liberal policies to the State Click Here for Details

Schools Fleecing Tax Payers

Count Update: 145 School Districts Have Deals That Dodge Right-to-Work

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

School unions and administrators in Michigan were very busy early this year. At least 145 Michigan school districts signed right-to-work-dodging contracts that lock union members into paying dues or fees as a condition of employment. … more

School Official Uses Social Media To Attack Policy Makers Again

Godfrey-Lee Supt. David Britten says Legislature hurting public school system

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Five months after David Britten apologized for calling different Republican politicians “moron” and “mental midget,” the superintendent of the Godfrey-Lee school district posted on Facebook that politicians are “not intelligent enough to write a coherent bill on their own.”  … more


Democrat leaning bureaucrats will always target small government supporters Click Here for Details

Going the Extra Miles

Veteran pays his own tribute to fallen soldiers Click Here for Story

Trayvon Martin Was No Innocent Child?

New evidence is showing the alleged victim was capable of violence and involved in drugs? Click Here for Details

Lying Under Oath

Did our top law enforcement official lie to Congress while under oath? Click Here for Details

The Bigger IRS Scandal?

This one isn’t being covered by the Media Click Here for Story

Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer

AG Holder had to ask 3 judges to get Fox news subpoena Click Here for Video and Story

Stealing US Blind

China hacking US top secret designs from military Click Here for Details

Your Money …Their Waste

Obama care has codes for the stupidest injuries? Click Here for Story

Pushing Islam

Turkey financing mega mosque here in the US Click Here for Details

Just Not Right?

OMG! Children’s Cartoon has transgendered superhero? Click Here for Story




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