Wednesday May 4, 2016

Indiana Goes for Trump!

Image result for trump   Landslide for Trump and Clinton Sanders too close to call Click Here for Story and Here for More Details

Cruz Drops Out

160503-ted-cruz-dropout-lede-gty-1160.jpg Ted takes the honorable path and drops out of the race Click Here for Story

Flint Failure

Snyder aides failed to act promptly on Flint Water issue Click Here for Details

ISIS Kills US Service Member

Killed while assisting Peshmerga forces Click Here for Story

State Attorneys General Wage War on Political Dissent

  Progressive state attorneys general are emerging as the new lieutenants in a nationwide war on political dissent. … more

Clinton Does Net Value Jobs

Wants to shut down the coal industry Click Here for Details and Video

How Two Similar School Districts Get Such Different Results

  A Mackinac Center report shows that a 10 percent increase in spending by school districts projects to raise the average seventh-grade math score by a mere fraction of a point. … more

Sanders Persistent

Won’t back down from race Click Here for Story and Video

The Immigrant Path

A group of Cuban migrants trek through Costa Rica en route to the U.S.-Mexico border. Cuba to Panama to Mexico to the US? Click Here for Details

Dishes the Dirt

Sally Miller2  Clinton secrets will fly Click Here for Story








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