Wednesday May 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Turning the Corner?

Lowest Corona deaths day since April Click Here for Details

Sue the Governor

Michigan Gov. Whitmer facing backlash for going to 'radical ... US Congressman sues Governor Whitmer over lock down Click Here for Story

Epidemic Report Gives Governors High Marks For Good Faith, Whitmer ‘D’ For Performance

Five got an F, 15 governors got a D

Fauci Has Some Explaining to Do?

Blocked From Testifying, Fauci Plans Zoom Call with Entire Country ...  Evidence  point to Fauci funding coronavirus research IN Wuhan China Click Here for Details

Weakening Corona?

New study says the virus might be mutating to a weaker version? Click Here for Story

Planet of the Humans

New Jeff Gibbs/Michael Moore documentary targets green energy

Analyst Shenanigans?

John Hopkins tries to explain documents leaked were not meant for forecasting Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Evidence Is There Concerning Tara Reade

And yet the media and Democrats ignore it Click Here for Story

Home Prices Rising

Market seeing a shortage Click Here for Story

Armed America

April set another record gun sales for Americans Click Here for Details

Democrats Pushing for Voter Fraud

Using the pandemic to push for mail in votes Click Here for Story

No State Bailouts

The only states seeming to ask for bailouts are badly run Democrat led states Click Here for Details

Snowflake Kingdoms

 How did we fail? Majority of College students want to restrict ideas that make them uncomfortable Click Here for Details

While You Are Distracted

BREAKING: Iran Training Chinese Islamic Clerics In Extremist Islam...While Chinese Drones Collect Intelligence On Local American Terror Targets News you need to know but the American MSM isn’t talking about Click Here for Story

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