Wednesday May 9, 2018

We’re Out?

US will leave Iran deal? Click Here for Story

Party of Lies

Democrats fund raising with false information about Mueller probe Click Here for Details 

MEA Opposes Privatization In Schools But Practices It 

 The Michigan Education Association has for years made opposition to public schools privatizing non-instructional services a top priority.  … more

No More Additional Favors for Solar

 It’s a good thing when people who are concerned about their ecological footprint spend their own money to install solar panels on their homes. It’s a bad thing when politicians attempt to exempt these decisions from normal tax policy. … more

Democrat Platform for 2018?

Raise your taxes Click Here for Story and Video

This IS Socialism

Socialism is destroying society in Venezuela and yet Democrats embrace it? Click Here for Details and Video

Protecting the Swamp?

Ryan declines to back calls to hold Sessions in contempt Is Speaker Ryan protecting AG Sessions or is there more to the story? Click Here for Story

The Real War on Women

New York’s Democrat AG resigns for alleged abuse of women Click Here for Details

Breaking the Constitution

Mueller subpoena of President would be un-Constitutional Click Here for Story

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