Wednesday November 22, 2017

 Uber Hack

Uber caught up in its own hacking scandal Click Here for Details and Video

Allegations Against Moore ARE Phony

Alabama Republicans  out the false allegations and does the media’s job for them Click Here for Story

Politicizing Thanksgiving

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer said that a chart would be handy during Thanksgiving dinner in case a relative  Democrat Senator Schumer wants to ruin family time with politics Click Here for Story

The Most Bizarre Licenses in Michigan

  The state’s licensing requirements create obstacles that can lead to fewer opportunities for young people and bad news for people with a criminal record. … more

Why They Should NOT be Funded

Planned Parenthood took fetal body parts without permission? Click Here for Story

Time to Eat Their Own?

Pelosi calls for investigation into sexual allegations against Conyers Pelosi calls for investigation into Congressman John Conyers over abuse allegations and payoffs Click Here for Details

Russian Radiation

Release of radioactive material confirmed in Ural Mountains but from where? Click Here for Story

The Great One Going to Fox?

Is Mark Levin getting a show on Fox News? Click Here for Details

Finally Ryan Speaks Out?

But how did Speaker Ryan NOT know about John Conyers allegations? Click Here for Story



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