Wednesday November 25, 2015

Breaking News: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet

Combination frame grabs shows a war plane crashing in flames in a mountainous area in northern Syria after it was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkish-Syrian border Claims of Airspace violations Click Here for Story

Syrian Rebels Then Down Russian Rescue Copter

Bad day for Moscow Click Here for Story

Horrific and Uncivilized

Russian pilots shot dead as they parachuted after plane is hit Click Here for Details

Biased Judge?

Michigan Court of Claims Judge dismisses gun rights case against U of M Click Here for Story

Detroit Students Missed 1.5 Million Days of School Last Year

The 50,000 students enrolled in the Detroit public school district last year missed a total of 1,539,981 days of school, the equivalent of 30 absences per student. … more

State Pension Plans Are Unsustainable

According to the Detroit Free Press, the city of Detroit must make a $195 million balloon payment to its pension systems in 2024, which is some 71 percent higher than the amount approved in city’s bankruptcy plan. New hiring, delayed pension cuts, and longer life expectancies have left the city responsible for a growing retirement-benefit liability. … more

Big Switch

YouTube  Dem Senator jumps to GOP ship Click Here for Story and Video

Debt Jumps

After months of not moving US debt jumps Half a TRILLION Dollars Click Here for Details and Video

Out of Touch: Obama Worried About Climate Change Not Attacks

Talks about Climate Summit as answer to terror problems Click Here for Story and Video

American Weapon Used Against Russian Chopper

Free Syrian Army forces with missile and the ensuing blast Coincidence? Click Here for Details

Fate of the Internet

  3 Judges have the fate of internet in their hands? Click Here for Story

UN Out of Touch

  Blaming Israel for tensions in the MidEast Click Here for Details

You Handle It

Obama tells Europe to handle ISIS? Click Here for Story and Video

Ramping It Up

A missile cruiser "Moscow" firing anti-aircraft missiles during the joint sailing of various fleets' vessels for combat training. © Vitaliy Ankov Russian deploys Missile Cruiser to defend its forces Click Here for Details

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