Wednesday November 27, 2013

 A2 Area Thanksgiving Guide

Things to do this Holiday Click Here for Story

Why Are We Ending Land Lines?

Should the State have any say in ending land (phone) line availability Click Here for Details

 Conservative Budgeting Helps Some Teachers Get Cash Back

Milan, Lansing school districts balance budgets, enroll more students than expected

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Like many districts in Michigan, Milan Area Schools suffered a reduction in student enrollment. But unlike other districts, many of the district’s employees will be getting more money this year than originally planned even with the drop in enrollment. … more

Higher Minimum Wage Hurts Low-Skill Workers

Schauer proposal would mean increased costs

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Increasing the minimum wage to $9.25 per hour is a 25 percent increase over the current minimum of $7.40 per hour. That means the price to hire some low-skilled workers will cost businesses 25 percent more. If you don’t believe this increase will lead to changes in behavior, consider what you would do if a local restaurant, grocery store or gas station hiked their prices 25 percent.  … more

 What Air Defense?

   US flies B-52s through China’s self declared new air zone Click Here for Details

Now They Ask?

After finishing nuclear negotiations Obama asks for return of ex FBI agent from Iran? Click Here for Details

Why Sebelius Hasn’t Been Fired?

  Calamitous powers will fall on the HHS Secretary Click Here for Story

White House Wants to Control Obamacare Message

With so much bad news Obama want’s to write the script for Obamacare groups Click Here for Details

Waste of Time

  10 years of effort, thousands of US lives lost and Afghanistan wants to go back to the stoneage with lashings and stonings for adultery Click Here for Story

The End of Private Health Care?

  80 million may lose Employer Healthcare Coverage Click Here for Details

Iran Deal the Worst

Another Epic Fail from Obama Click Here for Story

Amnesty? For These People?

  Illegals attack Border Patrol Click Here for Details and Video

The Death Panels Are Here

  Obamacare controls costs through rationing Click Here for Story and Video

The Facts on Iran Deal

  Forget the myths here is what’s relevant Click Here for Details

Afghan Pull Out

   Will US pull troops with no deal signed by Karzai? Click Here for Story

Gross Incompetence

Feds Spent $900 million on what for the TSA? Click Here for Details

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