Wednesday November 28, 2018

Obama the Gasser?

Obama Admin used more tear gas and pepper spray against illegals than Trump Click Here for Story  And Here for More Info

Giving for The Holidays

How to donate for the holidays in Washtenaw Click Here for Details

Mississippi Election Results

Updates Click Here for Info

70 Percent Of Michigan Schools Outsource Noncore Services 

The number doubled from 2001 to 2014, but then stopped rising

Amazon and Foxconn Ignite Opposition To Business Subsidies

 Expensive jobs announcements don’t foster economic growth

What Liberals Have Done to Our Society

Mom says her middle school girl hugged upset student—and was disciplined under ‘level one offenses’Student disciplined for giving emotional support to another student Click Here for Details

Government Shut Down Looms?

Can border issues affect funding? Click Here for Story

WikiLeaks Denies Manafort Meeting

More Trumped up accusations by Mueller Team or real? Click Here for Details

Asylum Nonsense Concerning Caravan

MSNBC reporter outs the truth Click Here for Details

Mueller Getting Desperate?

Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, disputed the allegations special counsel Robert Mueller leveled in a Monday court filing.Corsi and now Manafort not cooperating? Click Here for Story

New Border Wall Works

Latest incursions came through old wall areas not the new designs Click Here for Story and Video


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