Wednesday October 24, 2018

Rise Up Republicans

Your vote will save America Click Here for Story

Breaking Tradition?

Past President Obama out campaigning against the GOP Click Here for Story

Citing State Regulatory Burdens, Man Closes Small Business

‘Navigating an unreliable system is despair-inducing’

Government Over Reach

‘Tree police’ threaten Michigan brothers with $450,000 fine for clearing trees on their own propertyBrothers find for cutting down trees on their own property Click Here for Story

Stopping Caravans is Crucial

If one gets through more will too Click Here for Story

Democrats Support Caravan Invasion?

Senator Cardin is more worried about helping Caravan than stopping it Click Here for Details

Big Tech IS the Enemy

Brad Parscale warn big tech and social media are meddling in US elections Click Here for Story




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