Wednesday October 29, 2014

 Snow for Halloween?

       Forecast not looking comfy for Halloween Click Here for Details

Conventional Schools in Anti-Charter School Legislator’s District Have Little to Brag About

When students’ backgrounds considered, local high schools score ‘D’s and an ‘F’

When the students’ socioeconomic background is considered, the conventional public schools serving Rep. Roberts’ home city fare no better academically than charter schools. … more

MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Extending film subsidies, banning eyeglass kiosks, and letting terminal patients try non-FDA approved medicine. … more

Hillary the Pandering Bear

Clinton co-opts Warren's populism  Clinton pushes left to fend off Warren Click Here for Story

Probe of Decision to Send Military to Ebola Zone?

McCain wants investigation Click Here for Details

2 Month Shelf Life?

                 Ebola can live on surfaces for two months? Click Here for Story

Never Alone

   Your loved ones are with you even when they’re gone Click Here for Story

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

Democrats are NOT helping the African American Community

Democratic Voter Fraud

    Machines again rigged to turn GOP votes into Dem votes Click Here for Details

White House Hacking Reporters

     More evidence that the Obama Admin hacked Sharyl Attkisson’s computer

Hispanics Know Better

More and more turning away from Democrats Click Here for Details

 Pushing the Envelope

      German planes intercept Russian combat aircraft Click Here for Details

Conflict of Interest

  Guess who’ll be moderating the Scott Brown, Jeanne Shaheen debate? Click Here for Story

Losing Your Country

Illegal voters much bigger than thought Click Here for Details

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