Wednesday October 30, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Leaking Dems Wanted to Know About al-Baghdadi Action

Why? So they could court failure for US forces? Click Here for Details

This IS Socialism

   Socialists Rep Rashida Tlaib and Sen Bernie Sanders extol socialist policies oddly enough in front of empty store shelves Click Here for Story

New York Times Fits Narrative By Misreporting CapCon Article

Request for correction gets a form letter, no correction

Democrat Brainwashers

Kanye West calls out Democrat party for what they do to the African American community? Click Here for Details

Clock is Running out for Michigan Legislators to Help Cancer Patients

Lawmakers should look out for patients instead of big hospitals

The Real Threat to America

Growing Deficit is the real threat to America? Click Here for Details

Immigration Hurts Americans

Citizens suffer employment problems do to large immigration influx Click Here for Story

Democrats Evil, Republicans Stupid…or Weak?

Why the GOP has so many problems competing with evil Democrats Click Here for Details



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