Wednesday October 31, 2018

GOP Has Dibs on Senate?

With 7 days left is the Senate secure? Click Here for Details

Michigan Haunted Locations

Its Halloween and haunted sites are the rage Click Here for Story

Little Guy Faces Jail For Scalping A Ticket, Corporations Do It Every Day

House-passed bill would level the playing field in Michigan

The 74’ Repeats Anti-Charter School Rhetoric, Misses On Facts

Researchers praised Detroit charters, website translates that as ‘profiteering’ and no improvement

Hollywood Advocates Violence

Actor warns ‘blood in the streets’ if Dems don’t win midterms: ‘We will have a revolution for real’Actor warns of blood in the streets if Democrats lose the midterms Click Here for Details

The Right Move

POTUS says he will sign executive order banning birth rite citizenship for illegals Click Here for Story

Taste of His Own Medicine?

Former FBI director Robert Mueller.Mueller says people are offering money to women to make claims against him Click Here for Details

Can They Be Stopped?

US sending miles of Concertina wire to the border Click Here for Story and Video

Not Peaceful

d9fd3d_central-american-migrant-caravan-53832-central-american-migrants-tryArmed migrants in Caravan shoot at Mexican police Click Here for Details






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