Wednesday October 9, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Goose and Gander

Republicans should pull a play from the Democrat handbook and leak the whistle blower’s name Click Here for Details

POTUS Right Again?

The Associated Press Tariffs are not raising prices? Click Here for Details

Punishing Students

Governor Whitmer vetoes charter school funding increase Click Here for Details

Teacher Shortage? District Gets 1,177 Applications for 30 Openings

Superintendent says ‘abundance of applicants without proper certification’

Kangaroo Court

Democrat impeachment nonsense not getting played by Admin Click Here for Story

Rudy Would Testify

Senator Graham says he’d ask Rudy Giuliani to testify in Impeachment hearings Click Here for Story

Grab the Popcorn

Biden and Son could be forced to testify in Impeachment hearings? Click Here for Story

Enough Endless Wars?

Is POTUS doing the right thing ending America’s policing activity overseas? Click Here for Details

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