Wednesday September 11, 2019 The Daily Drift

Bolton Leaves Admin

Trump Admin and John Bolton part ways Click Here for Details


  Michigan’s Congressional Rep Rashida Tlaib calls for revolution Click Here for Story

Even Without 45-Cent Gas Tax Hike, Transportation Spending Up 58 Percent Since 2011

That’s after inflation, and $350 million more is projected by 2021

Trump Economy

Record manufacturing openings Click Here for Details

The Dolts Keep Coming

Elitist Carly Fiorina thinks she might jump into the GOP POTUS race?  Click Here for Details

Impeachment Push

Clock is running for the Democrats Click Here for Story

Illegal Immigration Still a Threat

Crossings drop  from spring highs but still higher than normal Click Here for Details

What is Arabella?

Leftists pushing for government control? Click Here for Story

Taliban Wouldn’t Be the First

Camp David has hosted terrorists before for peace discussions Click Here for Details


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