Wednesday September 20, 2017

Trump Talk At UN

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump said, President talks tough but fair at United Nations Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor’s New Train Station?

Fuller Park might be site for new Train Station Click Here for Story

MLive Erroneously Reports New Flint Police Officers Get Just $11.25/Hour

  A report by the MLive news site stated that the city of Flint pays new police officers just $11.25 an hour, which is less what than janitors, manicurists and bellhops earn. This is misleading because it’s the amount paid to prospective officers who are still going through the police academy.  … more

Meet The New Teachers Union Myths, Same As The Old Ones

  The Michigan Education Association’s “listening tour” has dubious claims. … more

Don’t Blame Humans

New analysis disputes the theory that climate change was responsible for Harvey and IrmaClimate change is not to blame for Hurricane Harvey Click Here for Details

Trump Was Right…Again

Government did wiretap Trump campaign team Click Here for Story

Will US Shoot Down NoKo Missiles

China seems to no longer have control over its client state Click Here for Details

Can GOP Stop Obamacare?

GOP takes another shot at repeal and replace? Click Here for Story and Video

Is Alabama Senate Race a Referendum on Trump?

Not really its just realism Click Here for Story

Nancy Gets a Dose of Her Own

 Dreamers protest Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Details

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