Wednesday September 27, 2017

Moore Wins Alabama Primary

Outsiders win in Alabama Senate primary race Click Here for Details

Gag Order?

Why is the FBI hiding info on Comey firing? Click Here for Details

22 Percent Of Students In Michigan Use Public Charters Or ‘Schools Of Choice’

 Public school choice in Michigan has become increasingly popular in the past five years. More and more, parents are choosing to place their children in either a public charter school or a school district other than the one to which they are assigned by their residential address. … more

City Property Tax Breaks Mean Sweetheart Deals For A Select Few

  One business owner in Novi has been able to secure tax breaks on his projects. The city has given out just 11 tax abatements since 1986, and this owner has received four of them. Novi has an estimated 3,000 businesses. … more

Cops Turning on Themselves?

Chicago cops seen taking a knee, raising their fists in photo. Here’s how the department responded.Two Chicago cops kneel and raise fists ? Click Here for Details

GOP is Failing Itself

2018 could turn bad for Republicans Click Here for Story

Texas Judge Upholds Law

Ending Sanctuary cities continues in Texas Click Here for Details


Republicans will raise taxes? Click Here for Story

Another Trump Win

  Refugee numbers fall Click Here for Details

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