Friday April 20, 2018

This Is Why Republicans Lose

Gutless Senate GOP misread the American public yet again Click Here for Details

Time to Clean the DC Swamp

Hold government accountable when they commit crimes Click Here for Story

Rural School Makes Fast Rise

In 2014 the Michigan Department of Education identified rural Akron-Fairgrove Elementary in the state’s Thumb region as a struggling “Focus School.” With outside help and community support, the school quickly turned around. … more


In Michigan, Rich are Getting Richer – So Are the Poor

 The number of Michigan households earning at least $100,000 annually increased 45 percent between 2005 and 2016, going from 591,446 to 857,648. … more

Sorry California

Surprising poll shows most Californians — including Latinos — favor more deportations, travel banPoll show most Californians want MORE deportations Click Here for Story

Senate Disgrace

Dems and some GOP won’t support the stongestperson to deal with North Korea as Secretary of State Click Here for Details

Make An Example…

Justice IG refers criminal charges for McCabe ? Click Here for Details

Part of the Problem?

McConnell will kills plan to cut spending? Click Here for Story




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