Friday August, 2, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

What IS Coming?

AG Barr has been investigating more than we know Click Here for Story

Budget Bill Passes Senate

Will POTUS sign? Click Here for Details

Fire Departments Spend Millions When They Don’t Have To

Data shows volunteer firefighters are just as effective as the professionals

Politician’s Loose Talk Paints Flawed Picture On Budget

Low-ball state revenue claims get some scrutiny

Cummings Called Baltimore Drug Infested

Why is Trump under fire for saying what Rep Elijah Cummings already said? Click Here for Details

What The…?

Transgenderism gone wild Click Here for Details

Winners and Losers

Dem debate results Click Here for Details


Michael Moore says only Michelle Obama can beat Trump? Click Here for Story

Target Kamala

Tulsi Gabbard takes shots at Kamala Harris record Click Here for Details


Joe Biden’s debate gaffes Click  Here for Story

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