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Pelosi Playing  Games with Impeachment

Image result for pelosi  Yes, its a sham Click Here for Story

And She Loses…

Pelosi holding back impeachment from Senate is an admission of no case Click Here for Details


What’s possibly next in the process Click Here for Details

A Cautionary Tale About Job Promises And Corporate Subsidies

GM’s promised 6,000 Poletown jobs never appeared; Ford announces 3,000

New Republican

Van Drew leaving Democrat party Click Here for Story

Michigan Bureaucrats Want to Force Unions on Pot Businesses

Labor interests want to use state regulations to grow union revenue

Democrats Finally Pass USMCA

Trump claims win as US, Mexico, Canada sign new trade dealAfter holding it up for a year Pelosi and Dems move USMCA forward Click Here for Details

What Trial?

Is the Impeachment in Senate going to happen? Click Here for Details


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