Friday February 1, 2013

Michigan State Senator Sides Against Taxpayers?

Senator Rebekah Warren joins lawsuit to protect her Union donors? Click Here for Details

Marijuana Patients Can Share

Judges say small amounts of Marijuana can be transferred among patients Click Here for Story

Sign of the Times

Allen Park faces the tough choices that many municipalities may face Click Here for Details

You Got What You Voted For

Unemployment up yet again Click Here for Story

Leftist Satire Brings Out the Lefitist Haters

The Ignorant Left jumps on a fake racist article about Ann Coulter thinking its true Click Here for Details

Wounded Rino

Hagel faces tough oppostion in hearings for Defense Secretary nomination Click Here for Story

Both Barrels

Hagel Gets Oppostion from both sides Click Here for Video

Ask Him

Senator Reid wants nothing to do with Senator Menendez scandal Click Here for Details

Senate Approve Debt Ceiling Bill

But what’s next? Click Here for Details

Media Edits Video to Look Like Heckling

Testimony of Newtown father did not include heckling Click Here for Story and Unedited Video

Proof of a Bad Pick?

Iran has endorsed Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary Click Here for Details

Israel Ready to Strike Against Weapons Transfers

More attacks on weapons in Syria could happen Click Here for Story


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