Friday January 25, 2013

Locals Get Celebrity Shot

How did they handle it? Click Here for Details

Right-to-Work Law Means Less Money For Union Political Power Grabs

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Gov. Rick Snyder said he wasn’t interested in a right-to-work bill, but when labor unions pushed the Proposal 2 ballot initiative, his stance on the issue changed.

Prop 2 would have guaranteed public employee collective bargaining and overridden state… Click Here for More

Why I Voted Against RTW

Republicans who didn’t vote for Right to Work Click Here for Story

The Problem with Obama’s Drone Policy

Travis Flores, Columnist

There’s a famous thought experiment called the trolley problem. A trolley is coming down the tracks, out of control and is going to kill 5 people. There’s a nearby lever you can pull, which will change the route of the trolley and kill only one person. Depending on the study 80 to 90% of people say yes I would pull the lever. 
An extension of this moral dilemma goes…Click Here for More

The Gun Ban

Here it is Click Here for Details

Scary Looking Guns Save Lives

Intruders run after seeing AR-15 Click Here for Story


Feinstein’s Gun Ban is Just More Nonsense

Everything shooter’s are doing is alreasdy illegal Click Here for Details

Smart Meter Arrest

Where are your rights compared to the Utility company? Click Here for Story

UN Investigates US Drone Strikes

The UN says we are violating human rights by killing terrorists Click Here for Details

Fed Holds Record US Debt

We’re beholden to exactly who? Click Here for Story

Fly Guy in Chief

The President sports flies on a regular basis? Click Here for a Laugh



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