Friday July 19, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

This Is The Democrat Party

Rep Green can even answer questions from CNN? Click Here for Details

Summertime, And The Spending Is Easy For Tax-Funded Tourism Ads

But some analysts say the programs are unfair and ineffective

The Crime of Pickling Improperly Shaped Cucumbers

Lawmakers should review unnecessary laws

Democrats Want to Remove Your Private Health Insurance

AOC believes you won’t miss it? Click Here for Details

Democrats Big Talk No Action

House votes to kill Impeachment action…for now Click Here for Story

No Bail

Epstein gets no bail in his sex trafficking case Click Here for Details


Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi ask what is America? Click Here for Story and Video

The Left is Melting

Virtue signalling is backfiring on the Democrats party Click Here for Story

Kamala The Hypocrite

Senator lives in one of the most segregated communities in Los Angeles Click Here for Details

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