Friday March 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Treatment for Corona Virus?

Is this treatment going to work? It is readily available Click Here for Details and Here for More Info


Joe Biden can’t get attention during Corona outbreak Click Here for Story

More Testing Means More Cases

With private testing more people can now get tested for Corona Click Here for Details

Amid Pandemic Michigan Consumers Return Germ-Soaked Bottles To Food Stores

‘Cans and bottles are very dirty’; just 10 states have ‘bottle bills’

State’s Coronavirus Spending Bill Infected with Irony

Lawmakers shouldn’t be giving taxpayer resources to special interests

Avoid International Travel

Americans urged to avoid overseas travel Click Here for Details

Doomsday Drudge Report

Take a look at how Drudge Report has gone far to the Negative Left Click Here for View

Of Course Its a Chinese Virus

It came from China ( a location ) and that’s not racist Click Here for Story

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