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Chicago Locks Down

Mayor warns people to stay indoors Click Here for Story

Just Wrong

Dems Used Corona Bill to give money to refugees and immigrants Click Here for Details 

Michigan Corona Numbers

Click Here for Details

Economist: No Sanitizer Because ‘Selfish People Demanding Price Be Held at $1’ Bought It All

Under ‘price gouging’ bans, after the lucky first few, ‘everyone else gets nothing’

Problem for Biden?

Or will Mainstream Media ignore it? Click Here for Details

Reporting or Promoting?

Why transparency of business subsidy programs shouldn’t be controlled by administrators

First Mission

Space Force launches first mission Click Here for Details

Europe Medical System Not so Good?

Embedded ImageSpain is following Italy’s track for Coronavirus deaths Click Here for Story

Killing the Economy Will Kill People Too

Crashing the economy could have its own death toll Click Here for Details

Michigan Fascist

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 16: Dana Nessel, attorney for plaintiffs April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, talks to the news media about U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman's decision today to send a case that could possibly have overturned Michigan's ban on same-sex marriages to trial instead of making an immediate ruling …Attorney General for Michigan urges residents to turn in stay at home violators Click Here for Story

Hollywood Dividing America

Hollywood Icon Steven Spielberg funding a divisive PAC Click Here for Details

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