Friday March 30, 2018

Another Tax Reform Benefit

McDonalds Sales McDonald’s expanding tuition program because of tax reforms Click Here for Story

Union Files Federal Complaint Against Company For Giving Its Members Raises

  In one Michigan county, a union filed a federal complaint to stop an employer from giving raises, at least without its permission. … more

Pure Fiction: State Tourism Cost-Benefit Analysis Ignores Costs

 The state government’s “economic development” agency annually has a consultant, at taxpayer expense, produce a report that includes what it dubs a return-on-investment calculation for the state’s tourism advertising effort.  … more

Teacher Brainwashing

Teacher assigns students to write gun control letters to Congress. Parents aren’t happy. Teacher assigns antigun assignment to students Click Here for Details


 Great Economy helping President’s poll numbers Click Here for Story and Video

New Vision?

Pope says there is no hell? Click Here for Details

Angry Little Man

David Hogg can’t take the heat from Laura Ingraham wants to boycott her Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

Lowest Jobless Claims since 1973 Click Here for Story

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