Friday March 6, 2020 The DailyDrift.Com

Dropping Like Flies

Warren drops out of Dem Presidential race Click Here for Details

Schumer the Terrorist?

Image result for chuck schumer at supreme court  Senator Chuck Schumer threatens SCOTUS judges Click Here for Story and Here for More Info and Video

…And Schumner’s threats Do Not Go Unanswered

Mitch McConnell Blasts Schumer for his threats Click Here for Details

Proposal Would Tear Up Michigan Constitution’s Ban On Graduated Income Tax

Rates of 8.5% or more could cause higher-income residents to move to low- or no-tax states

China Hiding

Study shows Chinese social media was censored for Coronavirus postings? Click Here for Details

Bernie’s Last Stand?

IS Michigan Bernie Sanders firewall? Click Here for Details


ballot harvesting (Alex Edelman / Getty)Can GOP regain a foothold in California? Click Here for Story

Bernie’s Billionaire Buddy

Who finances Bernie big time? Click Here for Details

What IS Going on With Turkey

Erdogan Finding Out Who His Friends Really AreAllies, Enemies and Erdogan Click Here for Story

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