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Disgruntled Globalist

Another liberal bureaucrat testifies for more doom and gloom to affect the election Click Here for Story  And Not Under Oath? Click Here for Details

DHS Secretary Responds to Dr. Bright

Everything was done right Click Here for Story

Punishing Michiganders

Gov. Gretchen WhitmerTyrant Whitmer says protests will make her extend her lock down Click Here for Story

Whitmer Warns Protestors They Risk Lockdown Extension

Do politics play a role in governor’s response to lockdown scofflaws?

No Freedom of Speech?

Police Officer fired for supporting the Constitution Click Here for Story

Facebook Police Shut Down Michigan Anti-Lockdown Group

‘They will not silence us’

Whitmer Creates Business Reopening Panel 56 Days After Her Lockdown

Why the wait?

Senator Burr Under Investigation

Stock sales amid Corona pandemic being looked at Click Here for Details

GOP Win in California

But will it stand? Click Here for Story

Graham Promises Russia Flynn Probe in June?

Graham to start hearings on Russia probe, Flynn in JuneWill Senate finally look at the corruption in the FBI and DOJ Click Here for Story

Back to the Speak Easy

Bars opening on the sly Click Here for Details

Would Clapper Testify?

Remote Testify? Testify after Vaccine? Click Here for Story

Complicit Media

Are media figures guilty of colluding with treason and sedition? Click Here for Details

The Coup

Crimes of the Obama Admin are nothing short of a political coup attempt Click Here for Story

The Collusion

Russia trying to influence the US election is real but it was Obama allowing it Click Here for Details

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