Friday May 24, 2013

Well Fed?

Ann Arbor School Board wants to keep its $5000 metting food allowance despite budget shortfalls? Click Here for Story

Livingston Activities

Things to do in Livingston County Click Here for Details

Whitmore Lake Parade Route Change

Gary Wellings, Chief Editor

Whitmore Lake’s Annual July 4th Parade will not start or pass through the Green Oak portion of the Whitmore Lake Community this year. Instead the parade will begin west of downtown Whitmore Lake on Barker Road and end in its normal location at the Public Safety Building on Main St.  Reasons for the changes and the announcement of the changes have been mostly unpublished as yet and the Northfield Township Board just gave its approval at the last board meeting.  Residents with questions or comments and those looking to participate  should contact the Whitmore Lake Parade Facebook Page at

Commentary: Detroit’s Fiscal Emergency Cannot Wait; Manager Needs to Fix Administration

By James M. Hohman |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The city’s auditors found that city human resources records weren’t consistent about when people were hired and when they left their jobs. Nor does the city reconcile their bank statements in a timely fashion, track its inventory well, or keep track of its capital assets. … more

The White House Must Have Known?

Top IRS Officials visited the White House over 100 times in the last two years while the IRS targeting probe was ongoing Click Here for Details

Boehner Thinks Obama Knew:  Play video below

Time for Old Republicans to Go?

Senator McCain admits that back room deals is how business is done in Washington Click Here for Story

AG Holder Signed Off on Fox Reporter Investigation

Freedom of Speech means nothing to Eric Holder Click Here for Details

Bring on The Prosecutors

Special Prosecutors for IRS investigation is inevitable Click Here for Analysis

Homeland Security Greets IRS Protestors? Play Video Below


Boehner says Senate’s Immigration Bill will be dead on arrival Click Here for Story

Sanctuary Cities Not So Safe

Granting rights to illegal immigrant gets 9 year old girl raped Click Here for Details

Dropping the First Shoe?

IS Obama blaming the internet for Domestic Terrorism? Click Here for Story

Brave New World for Boy Scouts?

Gay scouts will be allowed in Click Here for Story







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