Friday May 31, 2013

 An Independent for Governor?

  If you are looking for change from Snyder this candidate is a good alternative to Mark Schauer (D) Click Here for Details

Success for Hearts!

Hockey Fundraiser Scores First Defibrillator Click Here for Story

Government Entities Stymie FOIA Requests To Hide Information

Michigan Legislators pushing for change

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Many government entities have simply ignored, or delayed for months, Freedom of Information Act requests sent by Michigan Capitol Confidential and others. Other times, public officials responding to FOIA apparently think they should be the judge of what should be made public. … more

Democratic Strategist Calls Charter School Official ‘The Human Herpes Virus’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A Democratic political strategist called a charter school board president “the human herpes virus” because he took the unpaid position after a failed political bid to be a state representative. … more

What Will the Emails Say?

RNC wants to know if Benghazi story was affected by Obama Campaigners Click Here for Details

Sneaky New World?

Florida school scan student iris (eye) information without parental consent Click Here for Story

 Time for Holder’s Resignation?

Backlash continues as media gets more irate Click Here for Details

Obama’s Most Frequent Cabinet Visitor?

IRS Chief Schulman Click Here for Story

Feeling Froggy?

Syria’s Assad says he’ll stike Israel if they target inside his country again Click Here for Details

And Why Do Liberals Support Islam?

Iranian Presidential Candidate: Women should have rights… as Mothers Click Here for Story

If I We’re a Brit…

UK taxpayers pay millions for Bilderberg meeting security Click  Here for Details

Whose Side is Obama On?

China stealing military secrets and thats ok with the Obama Admin? Click Here for Story

 Justice Dept Protecting Islam?

So Much for your free speech? DOJ warns against social media posts that portray Islam in a bad light? Click Here for Details

EPA is Slowing Fracking on Purpose?

More discrimination from the Obama EPA? Click Here for Details

Oh How He Hates at Ohio State?

OSU President hates Catholics? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side

Bringing back the Mammoth? New carcass may make it possible  Click Here for Story


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