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There Was no Quid Pro Quo

Image result for Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko  Ukrainians saying there was no quid pro quo, no bribery , no extortion by the Trump Administration Click Here for Details

Local School Union Claims Unfair Labor Practice, Cites Cuts That Weren’t

Teachers union says its members lost money, but don’t blame state taxpayers

What You Really Need to Know about Michigan Charter Schools

MLive errs in comparison of academic performance

Great Idea

Image result for national debt clock    Put a National Debt Clock in the halls of Congress Click Here for Details

Welcome to the Party

Democrat Deval Patrick jumps into the Presidential sweepstakes Click Here for Story

Obama’s Pick?

Obama Biden BFD (Win McNamee / Getty)Is Obama supporting Deval Patrick over Joe Biden? Click Here for Details

Senate Will Have a Real Trial

Democrats have opened their own can of worms with impeachment moves Click Here for Details

Hunter’s Payday

Image result for hunter biden Here are the payments Hunter Biden received Click Here for Story

End the NSC?

Is the National Security Council hurting America? Click Here for Story

Pro Gun America

National gun sales skyrocketing Click Here for Details

The Schiff Show Reveals its Just a Sham

Image result for sad schiff  All hype but the Democrats have no other choice but to stick to their lies Click Here for Details

Santa Clarita Shooting

School shooting hits California Click Here for Story

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