Friday November 30, 2012

AATA Still Says No to Anti-Israeli Ad

Policy changed but not enough to allow ads on buses Click Here for Details

State Still Trying to Spend you Money on Non-Effective Mass Transit

Call your State House Representatives and say NO Click Here for Details and go to the Gadsden Flag for your legislator phone numbers

Even the WSJ Says No to Obama Care Exchanges

States should say not says the Wall Street Journal Click Here for Story


Featured Video Archive

Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

This is the story of how the Haynes family in Detroit, MI faced off with government unions after being forced to pay union dues. The Haynes family is like many other families all over the country who are working to take care of handicapped family members only to have unions take money from their paycheck with no benefit to them or their loved ones.

UN Recognizes Palestine

A good thing or end to productive peace talks? Click Here for Details

A Feel Good Story

NY Cop give homeless man shoes Click Here for Story

No Deal!

GOP not getting any compromise from Dems and Obama Click Here for Details

Dems Want Gitmo Detainees to Come to US

Feinstein says bring them home here? Click Here for Story

Obama’s Plan? Spend More Money

Treaury Secretary Geithner says lets spend more Click Here for Details

No Sense Bothering to Negotiate

Krauhammer says Obama not serious Click Here for Story

When We Hit the Cliff Obama Will Be Spending

On his vacation in Hawaii Click Here for Details




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