Friday November 8, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

MSM Journalists Are the Enemy

Posting fake news is now all they do? Click Here for Details

PFAS Findings

Michigan test results for PFAS issues Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Not Good For Wind Power, So Consumers Energy Customers Will Pay More

Under 2016 state regulation rewrite, electric utility monopoly makes money either way

Bloomberg Jumping In?

Is billionaire anti-gun rights activist Michael Bloomberg ready for Presidential race? Click Here for Details

No Protection for the ABC Whistle Blower

CBS fired the employee who worked for and blew the whistle on ABC News Click Here for Details

Judge Wasting Taxpayer Money

Federal judge rules Trump administration must provide mental health services to migrant families separated at borderRules that the Federal government must pay for mental health services for illegals? Click Here for Story

The View Gets Burned

Image result for donald trump jr behar Don Trump Jr scorches the ladies of the View Click Here for Details

Democrats Won’t Spend .1% of Budget on Securing the Border?

The insanity of not protecting Americans shows what Democrats refuse to stand for…YOU  Click Here for Story

Dems Try to Impeach ALL GOP Presidents

It doesn’t get anymore anti_American than the Democrats Click Here for Details

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